New eeBoo Pre-school games
posted: September 10, 2010

I recently had the pleasure of working with the fine folks over at eeBoo again. With eeBoo, I always know that my illustrations are going to be coupled with excellent design. Nothing is worse than working hard on something, only to have it ruined with poor typography or a bad layout.
Westchester magazine spots
posted: October 28, 2009
bike for the cure
A few spots fresh out of the oven... created for the lovely Aiko Masazumi at Westchester Magazine.

The article was about how to be a better Westchester resident, but I'd imagine any community would benefit from these deeds.
pet adoption
build a home
donate books and pajamas
plant a tree
Nick Jr. Maze
posted: April 3, 2009
I just finished a spread for Nick Jr. Magazine. A wonderful experience all around. Thanks Paul Tutrone for the fun job!
Good luck trying to get through this maze... it's a tough one!
and here's the sketch. I sketched everything piecemeal then put together in photoshop... much easier to do it that way for me... I can move things around and make sure it all fits.
posted: March 4, 2009
All hail the SnailWhale!
Is he coming or going, I just can't tell.
If you lose him, if you fail,
grab your surfboard and follow the trail.
I tried. I failed.
posted: February 2, 2009
I had some free time, so I thought I'd take a crack at the second annual New Yorker, Eustace Tilley Contest. There were 12 winners. I was not one of them. I liked doing it. I guess that accounts for something!
Speaking of New York. I tagged along with my brother on a quick trip. While there, we caught a taping of The Colbert Report... Even shook the man's hand!
a return to my roots
posted: December 8, 2008
Ministry Magazine, cover.
When I first began my journey as an illustrator, I did so brandishing an exacto and essdee scraperboard. My first published illustration was scratchboard and watercolor... and it appeared in the Charlotte Observer. I've pretty much have abandoned the medium but figured it would be perfect for this assignment... although technically I acheived the effect digitally, The result was the same, lots of scraping (with the stylus) and a cramped hand.  
Lunch Money CD
posted: November 18, 2008
I just completed what will be my favorite job of 08. Sorry library mural. You've been usurped. Lunch Money was so great to work with. I worked primarily with Molly Ledford, the lead singer. She basically let me run wild and trusted me to convey visually what their band is musically. I hope I did them right. The CD is titled Dizzy and is slated for sale January 17. Give them a listen. Your kids will love it... and more importantly, you will too! Check out their website or listen to tracks on their myspace page  
cover, full, unfolded
inside, full, unfolded
detail, area behind CD
detail, band and liner notes.
CD. Designed to look like a 45.
original cover illustration. I felt it was too busy and opted to zoom in on the girl and dog.
original sketch
summer stuff
posted: September 10, 2008
a little maze to teach kids how to be more green.
Adventist World Radio, brochure detail
Nick Magazine, Letters to the Editors page
Box cover illustration for an eeBoo preschool game
'middle child'... did this one just for fun.
Hello Drawgers. Here's a selection of what's kept me busy this summer. I don't know about you but, I'm ready for the cool weather of Fall and whatever jobs it brings.