posted: March 9, 2010
Music writer, Stefan Shepherd has reviewed the two CDs I illustrated and designed (Lunch Money and The Jellydots) on his children's music blog, Zooglobble. I guess he took a liking to my work and he interviewed me a while back. Recently, he asked me to come up with a new logo for his site and I was obliged.
logo alternative...
Stefan requested I try to convey sharing in the logo. He also wanted the kids to be active in some way... not just listening.
grouping of first sketches....
Just as I was about to send in the above group of sketches... this image popped in my head. I quickly doodled it and added it to the mix. Funny how that happens....
laura t. March 9, 2010
so cute! i love the two kids/one set of headphones. the music-sharing is adorable too- it's a shame that didn't make it through.
Kyle T Webster March 9, 2010
This is excellent, Brandon!
Brandon Reese March 9, 2010
Thanks Kyle! Thanks Laura. Yeah, I think that would have been the direction it would have gone in, if the jumprope image wasn't picked.
Jason Crosby March 9, 2010
Love the logos, Brandon!! Both are excellent.
David Flaherty March 9, 2010
Stefan March 9, 2010
Brandon, I'm glad you posted the rest of these, especially, the music-sharing one -- yeah, that would've been the one I picked had it not been for that last-minute sketch. Thanks, Brandon!
Brandon Reese March 9, 2010
Thanks Flaherty and Jason. Stefan, thanks! It was great working with you.
Nick Ramos March 9, 2010
I think that the best solution to the problem won! I think that it looks great. I specially like how the rope mirrors the headphones.
Doug Fraser March 9, 2010
Sweet looking graphics. I like that fun clean look. Nice work!
Brandon Reese March 9, 2010
Hey, Thanks Nick and Doug!
Yuko Shimizu March 9, 2010
Love this. So simple and works really well. So cute.
Christoph Hitz March 9, 2010
Very cute.
Chris Buzelli March 10, 2010
Sometimes those last minute doodles are the best. I wish they happened more often. The logo is perfect! Congrats Brandon.
Zina Saunders March 10, 2010
Very nice, Brandon, and the logo in context on the site looks great.
Leo Espinosa March 10, 2010
Great logo, Brandon. smart, quick and playful.
Brandon Reese March 10, 2010
Thanks for all your kind comments everyone!
Rob Collinet July 20, 2010
Music Sharing! Isn't that illegal? What are they trying to teach our kids?! Anyway, wonderful logo work, Brandon. Really well done.
Brandon Reese August 2, 2010
Thanks Robby C!