eeBoo Robots
posted: March 8, 2010
Here's my latest job for eeBoo. It's to go on sketchbooks and a case for colored pencils. I created a tight version and sent it in, but they liked to the looseness and spontaneity of my sketch. So, I went back to my sketch and did a variation on that. I quite enjoyed doing a looser style.
final sketchy version. beep boop bip....
first color version....
Drew Friedman March 8, 2010
These are terrific.
Brandon Reese March 8, 2010
Thanks Drew!
laura t. March 8, 2010
beep beep boop! i'm downloading a little dance from the internet! love the sketchy robots :) i for one welcome our sketch robo-overlords.
Zina March 8, 2010
I like the looser look lots, too, Brandon! And I like it in black and white, too.
Jim Paillot March 8, 2010
Both are very nice. The loose stuff has a very different feel than Brandon-tight.
Brandon Reese March 8, 2010
Laura- Thanks! My robots tell me that they will let you live when the machines take over. Thanks Zina and Jim! This was a good exercise for me. I'm going to try and incorporate a looser style into future work.
Kinga March 21, 2010
I really like the sketchy version too. I wish digital artists let themselves loose more often :D