Let That Song Out
posted: December 14, 2009
Here is a piece I illustrated for Stephanie Glaros at Utne Reader. I believe it's in the current issue on the newstands, although I've not seen it yet. The article is about how parents stop singing to/with thier children when they enter school age.I for one, still sing to my 5-year-old... much to his and his mother's shegrin.
Here's my first batch of sketches. Although, the article was about children... the editors didn't want to alienate readers without kids....
and here's batch two with the winner at the bottom....
Kyle T Webster December 14, 2009
Great solution, Brandon. The part of the illustration that makes it for me is the detail of the architecture in the building behind the singer - such a nice touch!
Steve Wacksman December 14, 2009
Fantastic solution and remarkably atmospheric. KTW is right on the money with his remark, too; that is a perfect and masterful touch.
Brandon Reese December 14, 2009
Thanks very much Kyle and Wax. The architecture in the back was a last minute thing, but glad I did it.
Alex Nabaum December 14, 2009
Ditto on the arch touch! Excellent job overall! and I want to steal that gagged by earbud idea.
Brandon Reese December 14, 2009
Thanks Alex!
Mike Moran December 14, 2009
I agree the background building is a winner. Those are some of my favorite colors you used.
Daniel Fishel December 14, 2009
Brandon Reese December 15, 2009
Thanks Daniel. Thanks Mike... yeah, blue and purple are great together... like peanut butter and chocolate!
Leo Espinosa December 15, 2009
Super cool, Brandon! A lot of the sketches are also very powerful.
Brandon Reese December 15, 2009
Thanks Leo!
Walter Vasconcelos December 15, 2009
Very good Brandom, nice colors and composition too.