Westchester magazine spots
posted: October 28, 2009
bike for the cure...
A few spots fresh out of the oven... created for the lovely Aiko Masazumi at Westchester Magazine.

The article was about how to be a better Westchester resident, but I'd imagine any community would benefit from these deeds.
pet adoption...
build a home...
donate books and pajamas...
plant a tree...
Kyle T Webster October 28, 2009
Brandon, these really work nicely as a series. Your colors and textures are great. I really like the pet adoption illo.
Brandon Reese October 28, 2009
Thanks Kyle!
randy enos October 28, 2009
Nice lookin' stuff.
Richard Downs October 28, 2009
Nice, job!. I really like, "Bike for a cure".
Zina October 28, 2009
They all look great, Brandon. I especially like the pallette, design and the way you handled the motion lines in books n' pjs...
Brandon Reese October 28, 2009
Thanks Randy, Richard and Zina. It was a fun job!
Steve Wacksman October 28, 2009
These are great, Brandon! I'm amazed at what you can do using a vector program. Clever sketches, too. Can't decide which I like best, but I'm leaning toward "Books 'n' PJs".
Brian Stauffer October 28, 2009
the dog image gets me.
Brandon Reese October 28, 2009
Thanks Wax. I like working in illustrator, but I can't stand the out of the box vector look. I try to make a more organic look with custom brushes and masks. Still experimenting and trying new techniques. Thanks Brian! Dachshunds are a no-brainer... fun to draw!
Leo Espinosa October 29, 2009
Brandon, your pencil line is sooo nice, man. mix it up with the vectors (I would suggest)
Brandon Reese October 29, 2009
Thanks Leo. I'll experiment with pencil vector... thanks for the suggestion!