posted: October 12, 2009
Just sharing something I did for fun. I might make it into a mailer.

Rob Dunlavey October 12, 2009
Brandon Reese October 12, 2009
Thanks Rob!
Brad Hamann October 12, 2009
Cool! No pun intended, Brandon. :-)
Chris Whetzel October 12, 2009
I love the reflected light on the face, and I think this could be a good mailer!
Kyle T Webster October 13, 2009
This is wintry fresh!
Brandon Reese October 13, 2009
Thanks Brad, Chris, and Kyle! Break your sweaters out!
Zina October 13, 2009
I really love her skin coloring. Wonderful piece, Brandon; I'd love to see what you'd do with some fashion illustration.
Brandon Reese October 13, 2009
Thanks so much Zina. Fashion stuff would be a lot of fun... I hope to get that opportunity some day.
Mike Moran October 13, 2009
Love how the face glows... also nice job on the eyes.
Jim Paillot October 13, 2009
Terrific colors, Brandon. I think Zina is right. Fashion could bee an interesting avenue for you.
Brandon Reese October 13, 2009
Thanks Mike and Jim!