Free Lunch Money Download
posted: September 29, 2009
Got kids? Do they like to rock? Well, head on over to Lunch Money's site.
In celebration of being part of the Austin City Limits line-up, Lunch Money is offering a free download of their latest album, Dizzy (illustrated and designed by yours truly).

Hurray for Rock!

[edit] Here's my original blog post about creating the CD artwork.

and an interview about the CD at Zooglobble.

Kyle T Webster September 29, 2009
Cool, Brandon! How did that gig come about, by the way? Did the band contact you directly? An agent? An agency?
Brandon Reese September 29, 2009
Thanks Kyle! Yeah, I contacted them directly after seeing them play here in Charlotte.
Jim Paillot September 30, 2009
Love that stuff. The blue squirrel- that guy rocks. You do manage to get your hands into some pretty fun projects, Brandon.
Brandon Reese September 30, 2009
Thanks Jim! I get a few here and there :)
Mike Moran October 1, 2009
I could use free lunch money!!! My teenage son is eating a lot at the school cafeteria these days. Nice job you you did on the CD.