New Brush
posted: July 16, 2009
the birthday brush ...
I typically don't like to use my blog to talk about family stuff, but I was so moved by my 5-year-old yesterday, I thought I would share. Yesterday I turned 36-years-old. We had a nice, low-key celebration with just my wife, son, and me.

My wife told me that Noah had been talking about getting a brush for my birthday for a week or more. She thought he was talking about a hair brush until he said he wanted to go to the art store. She took him and he picked one out and paid with his own money.

I'm proud of my thoughtful, sweet boy.
Birthday card cover, illustrated by Noah. Maybe he'll follow in his old man's footsteps? ...Although, he's been telling me lately that he wants to be a taxi cab driver in NYC....
interior of card. Notice the strong typography skills....
Wishawna July 16, 2009
Cute! He isn't aiming really high job-wise, is he?
Brandon Reese July 16, 2009
Ha! yeah, I think he just want's to drive a car. We've been reading 'this is new york'
Wishawna July 16, 2009
Oh. When I was little I really wanted to be a trucker, so I guess it's just a phase. My 4th grade teacher wanted to be a fire-truck when she grew up,which would be a way cooler job than a teacher.
Kyle T. Webster July 16, 2009
Happy belated birthday, and lucky you! Your son is a thoughtful person, at age 5. You have obviously been a good dad. By the way, what is that illustration at the top? A new comic project?
Brandon Reese July 16, 2009
Thanks Kyle. Yeah, illustration on top is a little mini graphic novel I started for fun.
Harry Campbell July 16, 2009
Nicely done little man, and happy birthday pops. Uh oh you've just started what will surely be a string of postings by Drawger kids!
Michael Sloan July 16, 2009
Happy birthday! It's always fun to find out who provides artists with their materials. A very fine present.
Brandon Reese July 16, 2009
Harry- Thanks! Yeah, maybe we should start a Drawger kids art show? Thanks Michael... yes, fine present indeed :)
Jim Paillot July 16, 2009
Noah is a good guy. Nicely done, mom and dad. And you're already putting that brush to good use!
Shout July 17, 2009
happy birthday Brandon, sweet family portrait, lucky u
Zina July 17, 2009
Great post, Brandon, and your son is a very good artist and letterer! And a very good brush-picker-outter. I also love the glimpse of your tornado picture at top.
Mike Moran July 17, 2009
Now that's a birthday gift! Wait a minute I only see 5 candles on that cake!!!! I know of a couple other Drawgers birthdays in July. Plus those 2 Drawgers both have great kids born on July 15. Hey, so was Rembrandt!
Hal Mayforth July 17, 2009
H.B. Brandon! And terrific work, Noah. That is one special brush.
Leo Espinosa July 17, 2009
Are you kidding me? I love this kind of post! Brushes, talented kiddies, comics and chocolate cake! Feliz cumpleaƱos, B!
Brandon Reese July 17, 2009
Thanks Jim, Shout, Zina, Mike, Hal, and Leo!
Christoph Hitz July 17, 2009
I'm totally with Leo on this one! Happy Birthday!
Yuko Shimizu July 17, 2009
So so seeeet!! Happy birthday!
Brandon Reese July 17, 2009
Hey, Thanks Christoph and Yuko!
Robert Saunders July 17, 2009
Congratulations, Brandon, that looks like a mighty fine new brush. I bet you do some of your best work with it.
Josie July 19, 2009
Aw, thanks for sharing!
kanghoon kim September 22, 2009
long time brandon ~ noah have grown up a lot.. i visit for seeing some new nice illos.. hoping you keep draw.