Mister Reese's Lemonade
posted: April 21, 2009
Summer will be here soon and it's going to be a hot one... Better stock up on Mister Reese's Brand Lemonade while it's still available!...
Mike Moran April 22, 2009
I think it's great how you work your textures in illustrator. It's a little overcast here today but I'll take a glass of lemonade. Make it two.
Brandon Reese April 22, 2009
Thanks Mike! Two glasses comin' right up.
David Heatley April 22, 2009
Nice. Yeah, there's a lot of lemons going round these days. Good advice. The whole image is great. Has the authority of great packaging art. That lemon in particular is really convincing. Probably because of the texture and the shadow.
Brandon Reese April 22, 2009
Thank-you David. Yes, a lot of lemons out there these days... and without that fresh lemony scent.
Zina Saunders April 22, 2009
A very cheery image, Brandon.
Brandon Reese April 22, 2009
Thanks Zina!
Zina Saunders April 22, 2009
I also really love that piece you added to your Pen and Ink Gallery, "The Wood King".
Christoph Hitz April 22, 2009