Nick Jr. Maze
posted: April 3, 2009
I just finished a spread for Nick Jr. Magazine. A wonderful experience all around. Thanks Paul Tutrone for the fun job!
Good luck trying to get through this maze... it's a tough one!...
and here's the sketch. I sketched everything piecemeal then put together in photoshop... much easier to do it that way for me... I can move things around and make sure it all fits....
Zina Saunders April 3, 2009
Fab picture -- and your caption about the difficulty level of the maze made me laugh out loud.
Brandon Reese April 3, 2009
Thanks Zina! email me if you need help with the maze :)
J.D. King April 3, 2009
Brandon, I need help getting to the carrots! Too tough!
Brandon Reese April 3, 2009
JD... I think you zigged when you should have zagged.
WAM April 3, 2009
Love the textures.
Jim Paillot April 6, 2009
Love the art. It's got such a nice vibe to it.Well played, Brandon. The maze- I gave up after the third attempt. I can't be spending my day trying to solve mind bending mazes!!
Brandon Reese April 6, 2009
Thanks WAM! Much appreciated Jim! I would send you the solution, but the stipulation of the contract states I can't until it prints.
Mike Moran April 8, 2009
Brandon, nice job for Nick JR. Cool client. Love how you handled the night scene and the moon.
Brandon Reese April 8, 2009
Thanks Mike! They are great to work with.