posted: March 4, 2009
All hail the SnailWhale!
Is he coming or going, I just can't tell.
If you lose him, if you fail,
grab your surfboard and follow the trail....
Robert Hunt March 4, 2009
Hail SnailWhale! I really love this!
Brian Stauffer March 4, 2009
it's great. my kids loved it when they visit the studio just now.
Brandon Reese March 4, 2009
thanks Robert and Brian :)
Mike Moran March 4, 2009
If I could surf I would follow the trail. Since I can't I'll just admire him from the shore. Fun Brandon!
Adam McCauley March 4, 2009
Beautiful, great color too!
Brandon Reese March 4, 2009
Hey Mike... yeah, probably best admiring him from the shore... don't want to get slimed. Thanks Adam!
Zina Saunders March 5, 2009
SO fun.
Leo Espinosa March 5, 2009
Wonderful character with a lot of potential, Brandon.
Brandon Reese March 5, 2009
Thanks Zina! Leo- Who knows where this SnailWhale's trail will lead! Thanks!
Jason Crosby March 5, 2009
Fun stuff Brandon! Lots of book potential!
Brandon Reese March 5, 2009
Hey Jason. Thanks. Yeah, I'd love to do a book of silly poems one day.
Jim Paillot March 6, 2009
Wonderful! That is just so cozy and nice. Love those critters.