I tried. I failed.
posted: February 2, 2009
I had some free time, so I thought I'd take a crack at the second annual New Yorker, Eustace Tilley Contest. There were 12 winners. I was not one of them.
I liked doing it. I guess that accounts for something!
Speaking of New York. I tagged along with my brother on a quick trip. While there, we caught a taping of The Colbert Report... Even shook the man's hand!...
David Flaherty February 2, 2009
Colbert has final say on what cover go or not. I don't think they use the photo thing at all on the cover.
Brandon Reese February 2, 2009
Flaherty- Bah! I knew I should have asked him about it. Yeah, I think you are right about the photo thing. I just figured what better way to show HiDef than this way. Oh well.
Leo Espinosa February 2, 2009
that concept as an illustration would've had some impact, me thinks. good exercise, though.
Stephen Kroninger February 2, 2009
The only photo cover I can think of was a William Wegman Eustace Tilley from about a decade or more ago. Graphically, the NYer covers are very much wedded to preserving the tradition and look of the magazine established in the first half of the twentieth century.
Brandon Reese February 2, 2009
Thanks Leo. shoulda went with my gut and "illustrated" it rather than photo spliced. Hindsight is HD.
Brandon Reese February 2, 2009
Hey Stephen. I looked up Wegman's Eustace. Thanks for the sharing.
Scott Bakal February 2, 2009
Brandon! A nice piece but you know what they say...brush yourself off and get back on that horse!
Brandon Reese February 2, 2009
Thanks Scott... foot is already in the stirrup!
Christoph Hitz February 2, 2009
Brandon, Rules are meant to be broken, this could have been a perfect opportunity. It looks like "High Definition Day" is postponed since a lot of elderly and poor people are not ready ready for the deadline. Nice work, nose hair, pimple and all.
PEter Cusack February 2, 2009
I don't know, feels really great to me . . . photo slice . . . I like its . . . its fresh and tweaked intelligently. I would have guessed that they loved it. Hmmmm. Great work. PEter
Brandon Reese February 2, 2009
Christoph- thanks much. I'd also read digital transition might be pushed back, if second try bill is passed. Peter- I really appreciate it. I don't feel so bad now :)
Mark Fisher February 2, 2009
Wonderfully beautiful and creepy feel to the face.
A.Richard Allen February 3, 2009
It's a tricky one- as Skron says, they're unlikely to go for a photo treatment but I can't see anything other rendering working given the concept. A fine try, conceptually on the money.
Brandon Reese February 3, 2009
Mark- coming from the king of creepy, I take that as quite a compliment! A. Rich- thanks very much.