a return to my roots
posted: December 8, 2008
Ministry Magazine, cover....
When I first began my journey as an illustrator, I did so brandishing an exacto and essdee scraperboard. My first published illustration was scratchboard and watercolor... and it appeared in the Charlotte Observer. I've pretty much have abandoned the medium but figured it would be perfect for this assignment... although technically I acheived the effect digitally, The result was the same, lots of scraping (with the stylus) and a cramped hand.
Jason Crosby December 8, 2008
WOW! So different than your usual work. I think I may like it better w/o the halftone pattern though - takes away from the detailed work on the figures. Keep truckin' good buddy!
Brandon Reese December 8, 2008
Hey, thanks Jason. I appreciate the comments! I was a bit iffy on the halftone pattern too. Still waiting to get word from designer, so it may get altered in the end.
Zina Saunders December 9, 2008
I think it looks terrific. The line quality has such an expressive and stylish look, as well as the character design. I also love all the details in their clothing and hair, etc.
Brandon Reese December 9, 2008
Thanks Zina!