Lunch Money CD
posted: November 18, 2008
I just completed what will be my favorite job of 08. Sorry library mural. You've been usurped.
Lunch Money was so great to work with. I worked primarily with Molly Ledford, the lead singer. She basically let me run wild and trusted me to convey visually what their band is musically. I hope I did them right.
The CD is titled Dizzy and is slated for sale January 17. Give them a listen. Your kids will love it... and more importantly, you will too!
Check out their website or listen to tracks on their myspace page
cover, full, unfolded...
inside, full, unfolded...
detail, area behind CD...
detail, band and liner notes....
CD. Designed to look like a 45....
original cover illustration. I felt it was too busy and opted to zoom in on the girl and dog....
original sketch...
Leo Espinosa November 18, 2008
Move over puss in boots, here comes Pup in boots! Love it, man! That blue squirrel is killer.
Brandon Reese November 18, 2008
Thank-ya Leo!
Brucie Rosch November 18, 2008
Awesome job & project! My inner child needs a copy... yes that squirrel is a scene stealer. I love the note paper background too.
WAM November 18, 2008
Man.... beautiful, what a dream gig.
Brandon Reese November 18, 2008
Thanks Brucie and WAM... definitely a great gig!
Bob Flynn November 18, 2008
Ditto on the squirrel! Great layout and colors. Kid-friendly, without being hit you over the head primary colors.
Chris Buzelli November 18, 2008
You can really see that this was your favorite. Your editing on the cover resulted in a great piece. Love the sketch. Congrats on a great gig!
Jim Paillot November 18, 2008
What a COOL job! Love the final cover and the overall good vibes from this piece. Incredibly fun. Safety Council and Merriment Administration concern: Those kids and that blue rodent need safety helmets, goggles and more parental guidance. Especially when riding a brontosaurus. We are looking forward to the revised artwork in the morning.
Brandon Reese November 18, 2008
Thank-you Chris! I'm glad I went with my gut and simplified the cover. Jim- Sadly, it's too late for these little tikes. All are recovering from head trauma after having some nasty spills from their fits of dizziness. Bob- Thanks!
Jason Crosby November 18, 2008
Great stuff Brandon! Did you design the case or did they give you an idea of what illustrations they were looking for?
Zina Saunders November 19, 2008
It's obvious you had a great time doing this: it looks fantastic.
Brandon Reese November 19, 2008
Jason- Yeah, I designed it. They wanted a 'dizzy' theme and I went for it. Zina- Thanks, it was a great time!
Christoph Hitz November 19, 2008
Squirrelious design and illustrations!
Mike Moran November 19, 2008
Great job. You should be proud of this one. Yup, that blue squirrel is real cute. I have to admit I've had my fill of kids bands and their music now that my boys are older!