summer stuff
posted: September 10, 2008
a little maze to teach kids how to be more green....
Adventist World Radio, brochure detail...
Nick Magazine, Letters to the Editors page...
Box cover illustration for an eeBoo preschool game...
'middle child'... did this one just for fun....
Hello Drawgers.
Here's a selection of what's kept me busy this summer. I don't know about you but, I'm ready for the cool weather of Fall and whatever jobs it brings.
Anonymous September 10, 2008
I love them all but my favorite is the one for fun...isn't that always the way it goes?
Brandon Reese September 10, 2008
too true, anonymous.
d flaherty September 10, 2008
Brandon, like your personal work but the editors want some diversity in the people. Can we make that change? (you know how these edu things go.) Nice work sir. I think you have the cute vote.
Brandon Reese September 10, 2008
Flaherty- Ha! sounds like you've heard the ol' ethnicity spiel before.
Jason Crosby September 10, 2008
Brandon, Good to see you've been busy! My favs are the 'middle child' and the 'letters to the editor' spots. I like how you treated the type here. LATER
Hal Mayforth September 10, 2008
That middle child illo is priceless, Brandon, right down to the parts of their hair. Well done.
Brandon September 10, 2008
Thanks Hal and Jason. I reckon I need to do more stuff just for fun.
Christoph Hitz September 11, 2008
Brandon, Nice summer bounty, especially the green maze.
Chris Buzelli September 11, 2008
Sorry for the late comment. Just wanted to say that I really like the "Middle Child" piece. More for fun!
Brandon September 11, 2008
Thanks Christoph! Chris- No worries... late comers are always welcome. Thanks!