Library Mural
posted: June 18, 2008
Last summer, my wife and I took our then 3-year-old to The Tricycle Music Fest here in Charlotte. It's now become an annual festival hosted by the Charlotte Public Library. We saw some great children's rock bands, The Jellydots, Lunch Money, and Dan Zanes. After one of the shows I spoke to the Director of Youth Services about using me for any illustration projects the library might have. He called back about a week later and wanted to know if I'd be interested in creating a mural for one of the branch's children's section. I said heck yes and year later it's up!

BTW, Last year's Tricycle Music Fest bore even more fruit. I contacted The Jellydots and Lunch Money, both of which I've since then illustrated for.
detail 1...
detail 2...
detail 3...
original thumbnails...
first thumbnail sketch...
final sketch...
Donald Kilpatrick June 18, 2008
Nice composition, Brandon! It has a great flow to it.
Jim Paillot June 18, 2008
That is cool. You are a networking kinda guy. I love this piece. And your thumbnails are really expressive.
Brandon Reese June 18, 2008
Thanks fellas. It was great project. No changes... dream job.
Linzie June 18, 2008
cool to see the photos brandon - looks great!
Adam McCauley June 18, 2008
Hey Brandon, That's super sweet. I think you've brought a lot of good things to the imaginations of kids hanging around that library. I think the kids in that last photo are thinking "beats the hell out of that crappy acoustic tiled ceiling!".
Josh McKible June 18, 2008
nice pro-active "get"! and cool mural to boot.
MTSmith June 18, 2008
Who needs the source books to get those big money jobs? Way to go Brandon! MTSmith
Hal Mayforth June 19, 2008
Beautiful job, Brandon. I'm curious what materials you used. Those background transitions are so smooth.
Brandon Reese June 19, 2008
Thanks for the kind words everyone. Linzie- Yeah, it's neat to see it up. I was waiting for the install before posting about it. Adam- Ha, kids have such discerning taste! Josh- I usually a pretty shy guy and don't approach people often. I guess it pays to ask :) MTSmith- Thanks! An expensive source book page got me zip... this cost me zip and I got an awesome job! Hal- thanks very much... I created this all in adobe illustrator at 10% size. I sent it to a larger format printer here in charlotte and they blew it up to full size, printed it out on 3M scotchprint with laminate, and installed it. Keeps my cost down and saves my back from breaking!
Jason Crosby June 19, 2008
Good stuff Brandon! It's great to see the mural 'in action' at the library so to speak!
Mike Moran June 19, 2008
Really,really nice job Brandon. Your the networking KING now! Please don't confuse that with J.D. KING!
David Goldin June 19, 2008
The unveiling looks great. What a great project. Squeaky wheel gets the grease!