no fuzzy animals!
posted: June 2, 2008
Just finished this magazine cover illustration... and guess what? Narry a one fuzzy mammal in sight! While I love the cute woodland creature, it's nice to draw some humans once in a while.
laura t. June 2, 2008
nice illo brandon!!!! very awesome and sweet :) love the concept, poor girl :[
Kyle T. Webster June 2, 2008
Nice piece, Brandon! Who was the client on this one?
Brandon Reese June 2, 2008
Thanks very much Laura! Thanks Kyle. The client was Message magazine.
Jason Crosby June 2, 2008
Nice Brandon! It's good to see something besides your cute animal illos. I like the color choices.
Brandon Reese June 2, 2008
Hey, thanks Jason... it's also good to see that I'm still capable of drawing people :)
Scott Bakal June 2, 2008
Hey Brandon! This is a nice piece. Congratulations on the humans!
Mike Laughead June 5, 2008
I am loving this pattern and the awesome moody colors. This works really well as a cover. You should draw humans more often.
Brandon Reese June 5, 2008
Hey, thanks Mike and Scott!