A couple more...
posted: April 23, 2008
Here's a few more illustrations from the previous train post. I'm so glad to be finished. I pulled an all-nighter last Sunday.
J.D. King April 23, 2008
Nice stuff! Cute animals!
Bob Staake April 23, 2008
as everyone knows, i grew up in africa. we had a 600 acre farm in mozambique with every type of animal imaginable -- gazelles, lions, cheetahs, elephants, and of course zebras. we didn't have ducks though -- certainly not ducks that looked as snazzy as yours do in t-shirts, brandon. i know zebras though -- and if any ducks out there are reading this, DON'T sit under an zebra and defininetly do NOT wrap an arm around one of their legs. that zebra gets a single whiff of a lion within 38 miles and he's gonna bolt so fast that he'd jam a hoof right through your beak and out the back side of your head -- and these ducks are way too cute to fall victim to a scene like that. wildebeest are nasty, too, but we can talk about those later. next week, maybe. nice illo, b-man!
rag April 23, 2008
What Bob said; whatever it was, and especially the nice illo bit.
Brandon Reese April 24, 2008
Thanks guys! Bob- I think you've just written your next book! "The Dead Lemon (colored duck)"... don't forget to credit me. I look forward to hearing a wildebeest tale next week :)
Jim Paillot April 24, 2008
Bob's tale of head striking zebras has got me worried about this book. I would like my kids to have it because of the beautiful artwork but -holey moley! I'll caution them to not be like the unthinking poultry and linger under the zebras. At least the elephant looks friendly... except for that razor sharp tusk and club-like trunk....
Brandon Reese April 24, 2008
Thanks Jim! The animal kingdom is a brutal place, enjoy kids!
Jason Crosby April 24, 2008
Keep it up, Brandon! Can't wait to see the finished product.