Attention! Do Not Buy This Book-
posted: April 18, 2008
Darren Di Lieto, LCS (Little Chimp Society) Senior Editor and proprietor, has been plagiarized. A book has been published without his knowledge or consent containing illustrator interviews and art.

Get the word out... do not buy this book!

Read the whole store here.
Rob Dunlavey April 18, 2008
Amazing! That's a great looking book. Too bad it's illegitimate. This type of publishing is like shooting fish in a barrel. How ya gonna stop it??
Brandon Reese April 18, 2008
Rob- right, the internets have made this kind of thing commonplace unfortunately... and not much anyone can do about it. I'm sure the interior illustrations look just great printed at 72dpi too! Bob- mmm monkey brains! I figured you were in the book, as you were interviewed by LCS. Any other drawgers in this monstrosity? I think Vonster is in there.
john r. April 18, 2008
Brandon, at least one--I saw an interview with Nate Williams in there.
Nick Wright April 18, 2008
I do think you have a chance here though- with all that I've been reading about the push and advances in stopping foreign rip-offs... I wrote him this.... Darren- I linked to your rip off book via Drawger- you need to contact the US Attorney General's office, they can steer you in the right direction. I would also get in touch with Anita Kuntz as she has been down a similar road before and not only won but retrieved much of the proceeds from the rip offs! The US is making great strides in fighting this kind of shit so don't hesitate to get a hold of them.
Brandon Reese April 18, 2008
ok, thanks john. r. Nick- Good to know. Thanks for sending Darren that info.
Bob Staake April 18, 2008
note to john r: bob was being facetious.
Adam McCauley April 18, 2008
Brandon, ok I won't buy this book! Thanks for the heads up.
Brandon Reese April 18, 2008
Bob being facetious?! I don't believe it... it must be a typo. Adam- Good for you! Save that $100 and buy 2 moleskins. Scott- sheesh, one more I hadn't seen.
Brandon Reese April 18, 2008
Darren asked me to clarify that the book's cover is NOT by Fiodor Sumkin, but a poor ball point pen tracing of his work... again another piece lifted without permission.
john r April 18, 2008
*john r. turns up the dial on his "Facetiousness Detector* :)
Bob Staake April 18, 2008
rule number one about illustration: never work in a style that can be effectively traced and replicated using nothing more than a bic pen.
Brandon Reese April 18, 2008
Bob- Duly noted... *puts papermate down
Carl April 18, 2008
How can one not resist a book entitled "colorful illustrations" bonus!! The book fits perfectly inside my 10 dollar Louis Vuitton purse. Yes, I carry a purse. Hoot
Jim Paillot April 18, 2008
... one less book to clutter the ol' studio.
Matt Curtius April 18, 2008
Gina and I had our work taken here as well. The most upsetting thing is that, according to LCS, the book comes with a CD of all of the illustrator's images. I'm trying to find out what exactly this means. My images are printed relatively small, so I can see how they just sized them up from the screen resolutions. Other artists have full pages. I'm not sure how the publisher came across these. As far as I can see in the pics, they could not have been sized up from something that started at 500 pixels. What concerns me is not so much the book, but these clip art images and how they may be used.
Matt Curtius April 18, 2008
I tried to post on this before, but it looks like I forgot to sign in. Gina and I had our work taken here as well. My images are printed rather small, so I can see how someone just nudged them up from screen resolution. There are full pages for some artists, and from the pics, they don't appear to have been stretche dup from 500 pixels. I'm not sure how the publisher came across these, but I'm concerned. Perhaps most importantly, nobody has brought up the cd that comes with the book. Again, maybe the quality is not good, but I don't like that a clip art cd of my work is being sold.
Brandon Reese April 18, 2008
Hi Matt. Sorry about that, I've got my comments set on approval mode. I too was wondering how the images looked printed after being rezd up from a low resolution. A CD with your work on it floating around is concerning.
Marcus Wesertz April 18, 2008
Hi everyone I'm one of the artists whose work has been 'plagiarized' so called, and I'm not too concerned about it. The way I see it everyone in the book is either a student (like myself) or an amateur. Since the artists get credit the book serves as exposure. Sure I would've like to get paid but why not look at the glass as half full and not half empty. Marcus Wesertz
Leo Espinosa April 19, 2008
this kind of things make me soooooo mad. I would start by not buying the book but perhaps the power of Drawger can do more than that. Any ideas Brandon?