Toot toot!
posted: April 11, 2008
Here's a spread for a board book I'm working on.
The client wanted all the animals facing the same way. I thought it flowed better in my sketch....
Robert Saunders April 11, 2008
Looks good both ways, Brandon. Nice work!
Bob Staake April 11, 2008
"The client wanted all the animals facing the same way." arbitrary, capricious, devoid of any reason whatsoever -- yup, sounds like a client talking, alright. oh, wait a minute -- the client sees a train moving forward and therefore thinks all the animals should be faced in a likewise direction -- because everyone knows zebras go postal when the wind blows against their ass rather than their face. i don't know about you, brandon, but the last time i took the acela into new york, 50% of the animals were facings BACKwards in their seats. your client needs to ride amtrak now and then. fun illo.
Brandon Reese April 11, 2008
Thanks Robert :)
Elisa Chavarri April 11, 2008
Beautiful illustration. The colors are great! Both versions work nicely for me :)
Brandon Reese April 11, 2008
Staake- Thanks. Ha ha! Those zebras just don't want to be downwind of their own backsides. Elisa- Thankee!
Rob Dunlavey April 11, 2008
I like em either way. Finished piece looks swell.
Brandon Reese April 11, 2008
Thanks Rob. I'm thinking of adding some more detail to the train.
Jason Crosby April 11, 2008
I don't think the way the animals face create a problem. Either way works.
Jim Paillot April 11, 2008
PETA called. They want that monkey strapped in safely. Your artwork is a beauty. I like 'em both but I favor your sketch just a tad.
Brandon Reese April 11, 2008
thanks Jason and Jim... Jim- Seatbelts for monkeys? that's what that prehensile tail is for :)
Peter Hermann April 14, 2008
You made it work to a charm Brandon. the subtle colors in the zebra are simple amazing. But...somehow the R/R sign with the huge solid black X annoys me a bit (I didn't sleep well last night and must admit to being a bit on the critical side today...) and to me, it takes some focus away from all the beautiful animals and the movement in the layout... but I still love the spread.
Brandon Reese April 14, 2008
Thanks very much Peter, no apology needed... I completely agree. The problem is that the client wants to fill every available space with something (since there will be no text on this spread). Thankfully, they opted for a couple butterflies instead. Although, I don't think it needs anything down there. I would attach the updated version in this reply but I don't know how to do that... I saw linzie did it with a recent thread of hers... is it a simple coding like
Publisher April 18, 2008
The customer is always right. I don't know the whole book's story, but the animals facing the other way looks like they are running away from the train. When in doubt, the customer is always right.