new game cover
posted: April 4, 2008
Here's a new game cover I just created for eeBoo.

While I love the work... I'm starting to feel stagnant. Do you ever feel stuck in your style and you aren't able to grow because you have deadlines that need to be met and you don't have time to experiment?
WAM April 4, 2008
I can relate Brandon. I really do dig your style though.
Steve Wacksman April 4, 2008
It's a beautiful piece, Brandon. Feels like Spring. I know the stagnant feeling all too well- I spent 15 years doing exactly the same thing in exactly the same style using exactly the same technique.Oddly, I didn't notice how bored I was with it until I reached a lull ( seemingly the majority of my clientele had grown bored with it as well). I know you paint and I recall you saying how much you enjoy it. Do you have the time to devote to doing some paintings? Maybe choose a subject that's outside of your usual range- a 'hard news' type topic or the like. I tried my hand at likenesses, which I enjoyed although I'm not sure the general public was as impressed with them as I was... For what it's worth, I think your stuff is so much more satisfying and sophisticated than the majority of 'juvenile market' art out there. You have a unique sensibility that recalls the artwork of my childhood and doesn't scream at the viewer or attempt to be 'zany' or even worse, 'extreme'.
Brandon Reese April 4, 2008
Thanks Wax. That's a good idea. I enjoy the juvenile market but I'd like to some more hard edged, adult stuff from time to time. Once I finish my current project, I'll do as you suggested and tackle an adult theme. Part of my problem is the way I work. I work from an approved sketch, place it in illustrator and complete it entirely there... which means tons of masks that can be time consuming... no spontaneity.
Brandon Reese April 4, 2008
Thank-you WAM... good to know I'm not alone.
Jim Paillot April 4, 2008
Steve said it so well. Also, I have seen your work undergo some shifting and changing in just the time you have been here. More sophisticated overall and riskier color combinations. That's probably not the dramatic shift that gets noticed by the artist, though. But we've noticed. Nice game cover up there!
Brandon Reese April 4, 2008
Thanks Jim. That's very encouraging. I think looking/working on your job for hours on end, it loses the initial punch that others might see.
Mike Laughead April 5, 2008
I was thinking that the colors on this one looked a little more bold than your usual stuff even before I read the comments. I've been feeling in a rut recently as well. I've had a little bit of time so I have tried a number of things: 1. I have tried following my same process, but making the subject an adult instead of a child/monster/animal. 2. I have stared at the artwork of an artist I admire and tried to figure out how to get their results in the way I work. 3. I have gone back to ways I used to work in the past to see if I would rather go back to working that way. All three things have helped me to keep growing, while still staying true to my own style. Keep up the great work.
Jason Crosby April 7, 2008
Howdy Brandon! My advice - get away from the computer and sketch! Like what's already been suggested, get out your paint and brushes and have fun. Finding time is always a problem...but sketch on your lunch break or while you're watching TV. Go to a coffee shop one Saturday morning for a few hours. LATER! J
Brandon Reese April 7, 2008
Mike and Jason- Thanks for your thoughtful responses. Mike,-I like your idea about trying different subject matter. Drawing nothing but cute, fuzzy animals can get old. I too like to look at another artist's work and try to figure out how they achieved different effects. Jason- Certainly, sketching is essential. Hopefully, we can get together soon and push some ink around :)
Peter Hermann April 7, 2008
I understand what you mean Brandon, I'm there constantly, and I'm not sure I can add any advice not already given. But then looking at this beautiful cover, stagnant would probably be the last word I would think of. It's super nice, cute, beautiful and the characters have loads of personality. I love it.
Brandon Reese April 7, 2008
Thanks very much Peter.