i still love you
posted: March 14, 2008
Here is my contribution to the Bear and Bird gallery show, Cute Attack-

Cute Attack

We've all had a cute attack, a convulsive feeling of fuzzy! Group show exploring the highs and lows the world of cuteness.
Opens March 22, 2008

Man, I love painting. It's a nice break from all the digital work I do... a lovely respite.

Lately, my painting has turned to more mixed media work. I do a combination of acrylic, pastel, spray paint, acetone transfers. It's fun to experiment. I think my digital work has influenced the way I paint. Because I work primarily in illustrator, I think in basic shapes and that's carried over to my painted pieces.

J.D. King March 14, 2008
You own cute!
Brian Stauffer March 14, 2008
yeah, if cute is an angelic child impaled by a unicorn! dig it.
J.D. King March 15, 2008
Brian, he makes a rampaging elephant about to murder and devour a poor, innocent peanut seem cute.
Brandon March 15, 2008
Hey, thanks fellas! J.D.- that peanut isn't so innocent. He had it coming.
Mark Fisher March 15, 2008
Brandon, The line between cute and horror is hair thin and you went to the barber!
Brandon March 16, 2008
Thanks Mark... my work is done, then :)
J.D. King March 20, 2008
The Pure Peanut League will get you for that. BTW, I see he's not to be seen. WHAT HAPPENED TO THE PEANUT?!?