Something new...
posted: February 19, 2008
This ole Drawger page hasn't been updated since Christmas and is collecting dust. Here's something I've been working on for eeBoo to freshen it up.
Leo Espinosa February 19, 2008
No, Brandon. You can't get away so easily, man. What's the story here with eeBoo, dude? This image is intriguing.
Brandon February 19, 2008
Thanks Leo! Not sure how much I can reveal yet...just that it's a product/game that helps kids with writing.
laura l. February 20, 2008
love it!
J.D. King February 20, 2008
Great! I'm glad to see you've been busy!
Mike Laughead February 20, 2008
I really like the face on the lion. His expression is amazing. Besides the lion's face, the dog is my favorite. This is some really great work.
Brandon February 20, 2008
Thanks very much everyone!
andi February 20, 2008
this is too, too cute, love those monkeys, it has a vintage "golden book" atmosphere! nice! oh, i found you on Holly DeWolf's Jacketflap page...nice to meet you : ) a : )
Jim Paillot February 21, 2008
Charming and fun, Brandon. I like the movement on those juggling balls. All art is better when you add monkeys.
Brandon February 21, 2008
Thanks Andi. Yes, the golden books greatly influence my work. Jim- Thanks!... I agree. Just like the old Jello saying... there's always room for monkeys!