Merry Christmas Drawgers!
posted: December 25, 2007
Santa's elf #59168, candy quality control division...
Rob Dunlavey December 25, 2007
elf #59168 bears more than a passing likeness to the elves that live in my house. Merry Christmas Brandon and family.
Adam McCauley December 26, 2007
elf #59168 is super groovy. I think his nick name is Sporty.
WAM December 26, 2007
Nice piece. His mouth is covered in candy cane goodness.
Brandon Reese December 26, 2007
Thanks fellas. I hope your Christmas was a sweet one.
Christoph Hitz December 28, 2007
Brandon, I'm all for quality food control. The elf sneakers are outstanding. Happy Holidays.
Mark Fisher December 29, 2007
Brandon, nothing sweeter than elf saliva! Happy New Year!