been a while
posted: December 7, 2007
It's been a while since I've shared anything with my drawger brothers and sisters... I hope you are all well!
Linzie Hunter December 8, 2007
sweet image brandon, whats it from?
Brandon Reese December 8, 2007
Thanks Linz. It's another project for eeBoo.
Bob Staake December 10, 2007
wonderful, brandon -- that tiger just sings. the people at eeboo are wonderful to work with -- good luck!
Peter Hermann December 11, 2007
wonderful drawing Brandon. with a hat like that he is going to need a cain... am I right?
Brandon Reese December 11, 2007
Thank you Bob. Yeah, eeBoo is good people. I saw the alphabet cards you created for them. Wonderful! Thanks Peter! A cane would be cool. Then, perhaps, I could add a feather to his hat and platform shoes. His pimp metamorphosis would be complete!
Peter Hermann December 11, 2007
Glad you caught my misspelling... I didn't mean he needed a brother tiger to smash his head in with a rock...sorry for the confusion. a pimp tiger? maybe the brand new Tony on the frosties cereal.
Brandon Reese December 11, 2007
I'd buy me a box of pimped out frosted flakes... Fotafied wit vitamins and minerals, bitches!