new eeBoo game
posted: September 4, 2007
everyone knows that kangaroos are the cheaters of the animal kingdom....
Here's a game I just illustrated for eeBoo. I illustrated the box and 36 game pieces. It was a wonderful job to work on... but do you ever just get tired of working on the same project?. I thought I'd never finish the 36 peices. Mind you, I did the bulk of this job while juggling my magazine design job, watching my 3-year-old while my wife attends nursing school, and a board book. Thankfully, Noah is in daycare 3 days a week now. That makes it easier on everyone... and it doesn't hurt that Noah loves "going to school".
Nate Williams September 4, 2007
really nice and a lot of work. I think you are the perfect person for this job .. came out great!
Mike Laughead September 4, 2007
I love the little spot illos. That lion is PERFECT! I just love it. Great job on all of these.
laura t. September 4, 2007
cuuuuute!!!!! i love all the little critters and the cars and stuff. you've been doing a lot of great work for this eboo place! i wish i had a little kid to buy all this for :>
Josh McKible September 5, 2007
Love the eye on the duck game piece. Great stuff overall! Clean, fun, bright... nice. Nice too that you have an "in-house" test market.
Rob Dunlavey September 5, 2007
Classic stuff Brandon. Nice nice nice!
Brandon September 5, 2007
Thanks very much everyone!
Walter Vasconcelos September 6, 2007
Great spots! A beautiful work Brandon.
Jim Paillot September 7, 2007
Brandon, these are soooo charming! Great work.
shawn escott September 7, 2007
WOWzers Brandon!!!! What awesomely goodness this is. Great shapes, colors, design. You got some major skillz man!!
Mike Laughead December 8, 2007
These are just amazing. I want to be you when I grow up.