new summer stuff
posted: August 9, 2007
eeBoo color memory game cover...
eeBoo counting memory game...
eeBoo counting train wall card...
Squirrel Mechanic Records logo...
spread for a board book...
Hi everyone. I've not posted anything in ages and thought I'd just share some of what I've been working on. Thankfully, I've been busy enough to sit behind this here computer and not out in the danged heat of the summer. 102 here in Charlotte today!

Mike Laughead August 9, 2007
These all look amazing! My personal favs are the elephants and the squirrel logo. The elephant illo has some great subtlety and the logo is just an awesome design. I also love your color palette.
mollie August 9, 2007
Brandon, I just can't get enough of your illustration! I love it all!
Brandon Reese August 9, 2007
Thanks Mike! That means a lot to me coming from you. I've got much respect for your work! Thanks Mollie! I appreciate the kind words.
Scott Bakal August 9, 2007
Very cool, Brandon. Good to hear from you!
J.D. King August 10, 2007
It looks like you're pretty busy! Excellent work, Brandon!
Jim Paillot August 10, 2007
Wonderful. The eeboo stuff rocks and that squirrel logo is so fun. You've had a good summer, Brandon. Good job!
Mark Fisher August 11, 2007
Brandon, The elephants are so nice and the squirrel logo a fun piece.
Brandon Reese August 13, 2007
Scott- Thanks much... it's been a while. JD and Jim- yeah, it's been a busy summer for me... it's like someone turned a switch and deemed me hire-worthy. Mark- Thanks man... The elephants were a lot of fun to make.
shawn August 19, 2007
Hey Brandon! Great work man! I like the squirrel logo! Wonderful design and concept. The others are awesome too. :)