eeBoo time telling game
posted: May 25, 2007
Here's another job I did for eeBoo. A game that teaches kids how to tell time. I asked them- Why not just give the kid a digital watch and be done with it? Seems like a waste of a child's precious time. That TV ain't gonna watch itself, you know.

But who am I to question, they're payin'... whatev.
Heidi Schmidt May 25, 2007
Wow, that chain around the pocketwatch is amazing. Nice work!
Adam McCauley May 26, 2007
Really nice. I think you have to take over the Thomas the Train account...
Mark Fisher May 26, 2007
Brandon, nice clocks and such. There's usually has a stern expression on my timepieces.
Jim Paillot May 31, 2007
Wonderful and Charming!!!!
Brandon Reese August 1, 2007
Thanks John. I'd say 95% of my textures are added in illustrator... the rest are placed from photoshop.