eeBoo farm animal lacing cards
posted: May 25, 2007
I've not posted in a while. I've been very busy which is a good thing but exhausting. It's difficult to juggle my regular design job, freelance, taking care of Noah... plus my wife is in nursing school now. So far, we are managing it pretty well. It will pay off in the end. Just have to keep that in mind.

Here's the last job I completed for eeboo. The animals will have holes around them so kids can lace string through.
here's my original sketch for the banjo pick'n pig...
John Dykes May 25, 2007
These look like timeless classics, Brandon! Love the grass around the stump on #1. Also - I really like the softness to them, yet strong compositions....
Donald Kilpatrick May 25, 2007
Hey Brandon- I know how crazy it can be with little ones and trying to juggle that with everything else. You do it amazingly well, and these are fantastic! I have always been a fan of your color sensibility and your work.
randy May 26, 2007
Wonderful job on the animals Brandon.....but how come the pig is playing a tenor banjo instead of a five-string?
Adam McCauley May 26, 2007
These are fabulous, Brandon! Really charming and full of personality and love. Perfect for the young'uns. I especially like the fiddlin' chicken, really great. Hang in there!
Mark Fisher May 26, 2007
Brandon, that chicken is lots of fun!
Brandon Reese May 26, 2007
John- Wow, timeless classic? thanks for that :) Donald- good to know I'm not alone. I appreciate it. Randy- I knew you'd have a close eye on that banjo. He's playing a 4 string because it's hard enough playing with hoofs. Thanks Adam and Mark!
Tim O'Brien May 26, 2007
Hey, really cute stuff. I know Sax and Mia at eeboo!
Brandon Reese May 26, 2007
Tim- Cool... I've not met them yet but I talk with Mia quite a bit on the phone. I'll drop your name the next time we speak :)
Larry Ross May 27, 2007
Boy, when you come back, you come back strong! These are just great.
Josh McKible May 28, 2007
Really strong stuff, looking good. I'm curious... I assume it's a kid's song book of some kind...? what are they singing? ...woah, I just checked out all the stuff you've done for eeBoo... wow, strong body of work. yowza.