The Amazing Siamese Rock and Roll Twins
posted: April 19, 2007
This is my contribution to Ballyhoo: The SideShow Show
@ Bear and Bird Gallery in Lauderhill FL.
4-Color Gocco Screenprint on Vintage paper. I like to rummage through used book store's throw away bin. The paper is from a book called "Gleanings and Groupings from A Pastor's Portfolio" by Rev. Joshua N. Danforth,1852. No doubt the good pastor is spinning in his grave by my befoulment on the pages of his book.
Carl Wiens April 19, 2007
Fantastic piece, Brandon. Great use of the gocco.
Rob Dunlavey April 19, 2007
Holy GOCCO Batman!
daveB April 19, 2007
cool piece - brought to mind "Siamese Dream" by Smashing Pumpkins
Northeast April 19, 2007
Really nice. Love the noses.
David Goldin April 19, 2007
Wonder Twin powers activate! That looks beautiful.
Linzie Hunter April 19, 2007
very cool brandon
Tim O'Brien April 19, 2007
Really cool image and look. I so want one of those printer things...just to say I have one!
Nancy Stahl April 19, 2007
Very cool. Gocco, so easy a caveman can use it??
David Flaherty April 19, 2007
You're rocking Brandon!
John Dykes April 20, 2007
Love it! This is a beaut...
A.Richard Allen April 20, 2007
Great- really great, Brandon
Christoph Hitz April 20, 2007
I'm going cuckoo for gocco. I love the dual hand gesture. Very cool.
Scott Bakal April 20, 2007
Very nice job, Brandon. I am glad you are using some tectured surfaces looks cool!
Hal Mayforth April 20, 2007
Rock on, Brandon. Great concept, pleasingly executed. H.
Mike Laughead April 20, 2007
Great print. Nice colors and the old book page gives it great texture.
Robert Saunders April 20, 2007
I dig the printed look with limited palette and reversed-out lines. I love reversed-out lines!
Jim Paillot April 20, 2007
Really clever, Mr. Reese. Love those colors!
Lou Brooks April 22, 2007
A gorgeous image, Brandon. I just love it. I gotta get me one of those Gocco's. Looks like it's going to become the official printer of Drawger. Love your work!
Brandon Reese April 22, 2007
Thanks Robert and Jim. Thanks Lou! You should definitely get a gocoo... Your retro/graphic style is perfect for it.
Mark Fisher April 22, 2007
Brandon, the colors, dress, subject matter and paper all make it feel so bizarrely wonderful in an other worldly way.
Big Gay Dragon May 9, 2007
Are those the metal devil horns? Yeah!
Tiki Kiliki May 30, 2007
I saw this in person at Bear & Bird Gallery and was floored!! Hopefully it's still available so that I can purchase! Incredible Brandon!! Yee-Haw & Aloha, Tiki Kiliki