Tot Tower
posted: March 28, 2007
Several months ago my wife and I were shopping in a neat little children's store here in Charlotte. They carry a nice selection of toys that you can't get at most toy stores... european toys, wooden toys, eclectic clothing etc. A few products caught my eye, namely from a company called eeboo. Their products are so well designed and the illustrations, top-notch. I made mental note of the name and emailed them expressing my interest in illustrating for their company.

Time went by and I forgot about the email. Last month the owner wrote back to me saying she liked my work and wanted to know if I'd be interested in illustrating a Tot Tower

The job was great fun and eeboo has been a complete pleasure to work with. It will be cool to see my art on something three dimentional.
Peter Hermann March 28, 2007
these are incredible Brandon. absolutely amazingly cute stuff all around. a pig with a small goatee, a frog saying" have your fun little fly you are in happy land" good vibrations all around. I might just get another kid to have an excuse to buy this :)
Rob Dunlavey March 28, 2007
Brandon: 10 five or six sided cubes (is one side open so they can nest?), that's 50-60 illustrations. Is that right? Your contribution to the genre is on the money! My kids loved the "tot towers" we had. The simplest toys are the ones that last the longest.
David Goldin March 28, 2007
I love when my son builds his tot tower and the joy when he kicks it over. Very cool job Brandon. I want one!
Richard A Goldberg March 28, 2007
Great zoo!
Larry Ross March 28, 2007
These are great, Brandon! You should create a new gallery on your Drawger page for all of them so we can have them there to go back to and look at in the future.
Brandon Reese March 28, 2007
Peter- Thanks! I hope you plan on having twins 'cause another project is down the pike! Rob- Thanks! Yes, one side is open. The remaining sides will have the animals sounds and letters I believe. David- Ha ha. Yeah, that's the first thing my kid did with the sample she sent. Build it up, knock it down. Great fun! Rag- Thanks much!
Brandon Reese March 28, 2007
Thanks Larry. Good suggestion. I'll have to do that.
David Flaherty March 28, 2007
Brandon, I really like your sense of color, it's unusual. Great job.
Jim Paillot March 28, 2007
Wow! Cool story and wonderful artwork. Very, very charming!
Christoph Hitz March 28, 2007
Brandon, Matching Your art with a new client and producing this great final artwork, that's the way to bring home the carrots. Very cool.
Walter Vasconcelos March 28, 2007
Nice work Brandon, a beautiful Tot Tower.
Mike Laughead March 28, 2007
I love this... great work.
Jos. A. Smith May 3, 2007
Brandon, this tower should be very popular. I hope the colors on the printed tower are as vibrant as I see them on my screen. Sometimes an AD can throw you aa curve. My witch book was printed on an uncoated stock that really sucked the color out of the reds and oranges. They should be happy enough with this job to make you a regular. Joe
Brandon Reese May 4, 2007
Thanks so much Joe! I'm looking forward to seeing the witch book. I'm sure it's still jaw-dropping amazing, despite the color shift. From what I've seen of the rest of the block series, they are pretty vibrant. I'm hoping mine holds up. I'm actually doing quite a few new projects with eeBoo right now. I'll show the new stuff soon :)