Extra! Extra!
posted: March 23, 2007
I am now cool on both the east and west coasts... Thanks Portland Mercury!

This was originally available as a print on tiny showase.
John Dykes March 23, 2007
Brandon, Cool piece! Very unique - nice idea... I particularily like the area where the octopus enters... or exits the water. this would also make a nice piece on its own... Great!
mark fisher March 24, 2007
Brandon, wow 2 octopi on one page! Yours and Marc's. Very nice, I like the upside down setting, so unusual.
Edel Rodriguez March 24, 2007
Brandon, that looks cool. I like it when you do this weird out there stuff. Contrasts well with the pastel colors, makes for a trippy experience. Keep it up. Very nice.
David Flaherty March 24, 2007
Yeah, them colors are sick! In a good way. Good job Brandon.
Brandon March 24, 2007
Thanks everyone. This was something I did on my own a few years ago for kicks. I'm finding less and less time to do personal stuff. Kinda sad.
Mike Moran March 26, 2007
Nice Brandon... you are on a roll... good for you.
Rob Dunlavey March 26, 2007
"I'm finding less and less time to do personal stuff. Kinda sad." Sorry Brandon, bad excuse!! Ain't gonna fly here!
Brandon March 26, 2007
thanks Mike. Rob- I should know better. Yur right!
Peter Hermann March 26, 2007
very original and beautiful Brandon. congrats with the job. the only thing I don't like about this cover, and this is only because I'm that kind of person who has to find something wrong... the Portland Mercury logo is disturbing your amazing illu. (the water is stunning)
Brandon March 26, 2007
Thanks Peter! Glad you found fault in the type and not the illo ;)