Book of Dreams
posted: March 20, 2007
I was invited to contribute to Roger Omar's Book of Dreams project.

In 2002 Roger started gathering kid's dreams from Mexico, Spain, and Brazil. He has invited 80 artists to illustrate those dreams. They will all be compiled and published in a book.

Below is the dream I chose and my interpretation.

While going to the park it was raining and we saw a puddle. After some days the puddle was still there. What could it be? We jumped on the puddle, it opened and we got in. It was a trap for kids. It was a machine to transform kids into robots.

David G Klein March 20, 2007
Really neat. You could say this is a dream job.
Christoph Hitz March 20, 2007
Brandon, Looks like a great project and You turned in a beautiful piece. I love the horizontal visual split from girl to robot and the monochromatic photo background.
Leo Espinosa March 21, 2007
Nice piece and a nice project too. I like the outlines and the way you solved the background a lot. It's different.
Brandon Reese March 21, 2007
David- DaDum tisss! Christopher- thanks! I kept simple. I hope it's effective. Leo- Thanks!