children's mural
posted: March 19, 2007
I donated this mural to The Children's Arts Project in Cornelius, NC (just outside Charlotte).

I meant to take step-by-step photos but forgot. I first spray painted the bamboo with a stencil I created. Then I painted white over the ares that the panda would be. Lastly, I painted the black. The black is chalkboard paint so the kids doodle or write on it. (you can see someone already did some squiggles on two of the circles)

It was a pleasant experience. The project's director pretty much gave me full reign to do what I wanted.
daveB March 19, 2007
terrific! (in terms of the art and the spirit behind it)
Alex Murawski March 19, 2007
I would have loved to have that image in my play room. Great happy stuff.
J.D. King March 19, 2007
Hal Mayforth March 19, 2007
Fun stuff, Brandon. This is the kind of gift that keeps on giving. You'll reap bigtime down the road. H.
Wacksman March 19, 2007
Spectacular, Brandon. Love the bamboo stencil and the fact that you used blackboard paint to make it 'interactive'
Josh McKible March 20, 2007
really nice, love the black(board) arms. good work
Rob Dunlavey March 20, 2007
Love to see your work in a graphic and simplified color scheme. You got the chops!
Brandon Reese March 20, 2007
Thanks everybody. It's liberating to work so big. I'd love to do more mural work with more time.