little school book job
posted: March 7, 2007
According to this illustration's poem, it's not a good idea to make lemonade with limes, brown sugar, and sparkling water.
Bob Staake March 7, 2007
or pee. you definitely don't want to make lemonade with pee. nice one, brandon!
Brandon Reese March 7, 2007
Ha! Ha! Thanks for clearing that one up Bob. It is confusing... seeing how pee looks so golden delicious. Although, I've heard that red lemons are so tasty, so great for lemonade.
Carl Wiens March 7, 2007
Add some rum and spearmint and you'll have a Mojito party! Great expressions on this one Brandon.
Scott Bakal March 7, 2007
Bleeeaaach! Taste like crap but looks awesome! Great job, Brandon.
Christian Slade March 8, 2007
And Lysol. Don't overdo it on the lysol. Add just a few teaspoons to cover up the windex smell. That's some batch of lemonade. Fun piece!
Robert Saunders March 8, 2007
Fun illo you got here. You've clearly done your research on bad lemonade, Brandon.
Leo Espinosa March 8, 2007
Brandon: I think you could've improved this piece by working on the color a little more (or a little less?) If you make the accent on the lemonade with some funky lime green and give the rest of the illustration less color distractions it would have been more interesting. I like it better when you limit your pallet like in the vampire Ted Illo. What do you think?
Brandon Reese March 8, 2007
Thanks everybody. Leo- Thanks for the crit. I appreciate it. You are right, I should have been more conscience of my color choices. This was a bit of a quickie.