Nick Magazine spots
posted: February 27, 2007
First Highlights and now Nick Magazine... things are looking up for ol' Brandon!
shawn February 27, 2007
Nice Brotherman!!! Look at you go! I like the eel, great colors. Beautiful work my friend. Keep it up!
WAM February 27, 2007
Sweet! Great work Brandon.
Harry Campbell February 28, 2007
Brandon, Your work is well suited for Nick, great colors, edge, etc. I used to do a bunch of work for them in my former life. Have fun.
Mark Fisher February 28, 2007
Brandon, good for you! Keep 'em coming.
Brandon Reese February 28, 2007
Thanks Shawn! Thankee WAM! Harry- I'm having fun, thanks. I'll tell em you said hi :) Mark- Thanks!
Bryan Gray February 28, 2007
Nice work, Brandon. Congratulations! Are you sure you're still going to work for my budget when you're famous? Remember, I've got it in writing now.
Jim Paillot February 28, 2007
Yippee! Go, artboy, go!!
Brandon February 28, 2007
Bryan- I guess I have to now... since it's in writing and all ;) Jim- Weeee!
douglas February 28, 2007
Awesome! Great series of illos. More work for you = eye candy for us!
Mike Moran March 1, 2007
I can feel your steam as you roll along! Nice job.