posted: February 13, 2007
I was planning on making a small booklet of illustrations and poems to send out to ADs for valentine's day but got too busy. Oh well, there's always next year.
David Flaherty February 13, 2007
Send it anyway!
Christoph Hitz February 13, 2007
Great promotion idea. Small booklet with 31 pages? Did You do the poems too? Cute Skip needs to have a talk with the "Dog Whisperer" This should get You a lot of work.
WAM February 13, 2007
Me like. Did you hand stitch the book? nice
Rob Dunlavey February 13, 2007
These are great Brandon. Maybe do an email blast? Too good to wait until next year.
Nancy Stahl February 13, 2007
You got an out loud laugh from me. You could send these out even when it isn't Valentine's. Make it Brighten Up an Art Director's Life day.
Zina Saunders February 13, 2007
Fabulous, Brandon! Makes me want to be an art director, just so I could get one!
Brandon Reese February 13, 2007
David- I may do that! Cristoph- I've actually got about 6 poems total (amimal love theme). No, it's not 31 pages... I just put in some fake numbers for fun :) WAM- No, the 'stitching' is photoshopped. I was going to staple it. Rob- Thanks! Nancy- Great... I'm glad it gave you a laugh! You are right... I guess it doesn't have to be valentines day to send it. Love is every day of the week! Zina- Remind me, and I'll send you one when it's completed... I wouldn't want to have to quit your day job. Your too good at it ;)
laura l. February 13, 2007
Promo booklet? Forget it - expand it, publish it as a gift book! It's great! I also love your lelephant chasing the peanut up top!
Mike Moran February 13, 2007
Wonderful Brandon. You should still send it out now. It may turn into a project that can be published for next Valentines Day. Also congrats on you first national illo...
df February 13, 2007
Look timely promotions are overated. they would only blame the post office. why not a happy new year in july? be different! just don't be lame.
Brandon Reese February 14, 2007
Laura- Someone else suggested it be a gift book. That's a great idea! Any publishers out there reading this? :) Mike- Now your thinking! Thanks for the congrats! df- I agree. Being lame is lame.
Adam McCauley February 14, 2007
Brandon, I agree with Laura. Screw the promo! Send it to Chronicle Books gift division, they'd love it.
laura l. February 14, 2007
Adam beat me to the punch. I was going to suggest Chronicle too. I'd also spend a little time in your local B&N and browse through the gift books and when you see something that seems kindred, make a note of who the publisher is. You do know, of course, that YOU need to put together a proposal and contact THEM, that they're not going to find you here, right? : )
Brandon Reese February 14, 2007
Laura and Adam- I'm getting a proposal for Chronicle together right now! Thanks for the push :)