follow the leader
posted: February 9, 2007
I just finished this piece for Highlights magazine. It's my first real national magazine... so I'm pretty excited.

Normally, I rely on email to promote myself to new ADs. But this time I called the art director and asked her to check out my site. She said she would and hung up. 30 mins later she called back with this job.

I think I'll use the phone more often :)
Adam McCauley February 9, 2007
Looks great Brandon. I see Richard Scary in there somewhere.
Rob Dunlavey February 9, 2007
Brandon, you do well when you have the chance to open up your palette some. The softness holds everything together. Sweet and captivating.
Zina Saunders February 10, 2007
Beautiful palette and lovely composition, plus I really like the proportions of your characters; it's unusual to see kids characters with such nice long slim limbs...a very fresh interpretation!
J.D. King February 10, 2007
BEAUTIFUL! And congratulations!
Scott Bakal February 10, 2007
Congratulations, Brandon!
Richard Downs February 10, 2007
Nice piece Brandon, Yesterday in my illustration class I was showing a copy of Highlights and all the illustration that they use. Your art and description of how you got this job will definitely be shown on the class computer after the holiday.
Randall Enos February 10, 2007
Nice job Brandon and congratulations on your first national sale.
Brandon Reese February 11, 2007
Adam- Thanks! Yep, I do dig me some Richard Scary... especially the earlier stuff. Rob- Yeah, I pushed myself on the palette. I'm usually very reserved but let loose on this one. Zina- Thanks much :) Trying to keep it fresh! JD- thanks! Scott- Hey.. Thanks a lot. Hopefully more to come. Richard- Very cool. Glad I can to be part of your class. Randy- thanks very much!
Jos. A Smith February 11, 2007
Great story about snagging this job. Congratulations. I really like the black hands on the racoon character. They add a lot of punch to the color. Those hands and the red bird really sing. You might drop in more suprises like those occasionally. It can really open the space when it only happens in the foreground. I think you are off and running. Good luck and kiss the agent goodby ASAP.
Peter Hermann February 12, 2007
Fantastic drawing. so much warmth. I don't see a lot of Richard Scarry in this one, but loads of Brandon Reese :)
daveB February 12, 2007
frog-boy rocks! really nice job - great sense of motion and fun in this one - perfect for the discriminating kid klients of highlights!
Elou February 13, 2007
It's wonderful! Congratulations Brandon! I am looking forward to seeing your ideas for The Children’s Arts Project! You are going to WOW this town with your hip kid-friendly ways! This is just the beginning.
Marisa March 16, 2007
Your ilos are truly lovely. I like this one especailly!
timf November 13, 2008
I LOVE the wave thing going on through all of the figures. Brill!