watch that first step...
posted: January 4, 2007
jimbo January 4, 2007
Rob Dunlavey January 4, 2007
Nice piece Brandon. Who was it for? What was the brief? I like the scratchy line set off against your usual rendering style. Could it be animated?
Brandon January 4, 2007
Hey, thanks Rob. This is another illustration for the kids magazine I design. The story is about a girl who almost falls off the second story of a church that's being renovated. Her friend grabs her by the shirt just before she falls and pulls her back in... so no splat.
Zina Saunders January 5, 2007
It's beautiful and gripping at the same time: not an easy balance to achieve! Bravo!
Scott Bakal January 6, 2007
Why, when I looked at that image...I giggled? Nice job, Brandon!
g January 21, 2007
Hi man, arrived here from :) Loved the hot-dog illustration :) I read your post about jobs and agree with what others said about your page (, it needs more illustrations, I mean, illustrations are the main part of your site, and you show them in very small thumbnails... Also, having to click each image is very tiring, as someone suggested, make categories and show 5, 10 or 20 per page at a good size. check other people's sites at, I think that the site of Johnny Yanok was excellent, seems to be down right now, showed great use of illustration.
g January 21, 2007
one more question: how do you make a brush in Illustrator that paints white? thanks