gingerbread man takes a soak
posted: December 5, 2006
feeling festive, so I cranked out another Christmas image.
laura December 5, 2006
i'm feelin cruel... i would like to dismember him, let him soak in a hot chocolately bath of death, then drink his remains. here's to the holidays!! (nice texture and color as always brandon!)
Leo Espinosa December 5, 2006
I'm with you Laura. hand me an arm! Yummy! This is contagious B. You are making me feel festive too. Honey, where's my elf hat!?
Tim O'Brien December 5, 2006
Laura, "You're a monster!" Nice image, makes me want to take out my credit card again tomorrow.
Harry Campbell December 6, 2006
Brandon, With the above comments in mind I think you should do a before and after image. Or maybe have him doing teh backstroke. I love the soft lineless quality of your work, quiet tones etc. It makes me think of the giant gingerbread man in Shrek 2 and how he sinks in th end, I think. Cheers. Harry
Brandon Reese December 6, 2006
Thanks everybody! Laura- Egad! Poor gingerbread man. He never had a chance. Leo- You too? Run gingerbread man, Run! Tim- Again? We've not even started our shopping yet. I do love to wait til the last minute and fight with the crowds. Harry- Great suggestion... Maybe have him submersed in the drink up to his neck, raising a bitten off arm for help.
Rob Dunlavey December 6, 2006
Okay Brandon, obviously, there's a new Gingerbread Man story in here somewhere. Not only does he get his comeuppance, he gets it in ways that satisfy folks who have a conflicted relationship with the holidays. I mean it. Talk to my agent, Bob Staake, he can advise you and even ghost write the text. Next Christmas, boats from China will pour out the books and action figures but I want prominent placement in the movie credits!
Scott Bakal December 6, 2006
Mmm...I am hungry. Hee-hee....*CRUNCH* Nice job...there's something wonderful about gingerbread men, huh? Yummy too...
Robert Saunders December 6, 2006
Hey, I like this toast-y guy...wonder if I can get me some of them fer breakfast.
Holly December 12, 2006
Excellent work. Cheers!