zen santa
posted: December 5, 2006
Thought I'd design the family Christmas card this year...
Zina Saunders December 5, 2006
Lovely and stylish and funny! Cool boots and texture, too!
Christoph Hitz December 5, 2006
Hi Brandon, Love the floating beard on Your Zen-ta Claus. Sweet card.
John Dykes December 5, 2006
Very nice, Brandon! Is this a photoshop creation? Or a mix of programs?...
Brandon December 5, 2006
Thanks! John- This was created all in Illustrator.
David Goldin December 5, 2006
Zen Santa, stuffed fat from Seitan and Tofu dogs. Checking his list: Good Karma, Bad Karma. Nice one Brandon.
Brandon December 5, 2006
...and don't forget the soy Silk Eggnog, David!
Jim Paillot December 5, 2006
Cool stuff. That is one centered and balanced St. Nick. If only his reindeer could iron out their issues! Wonderful art, Brandon!
Brandon December 5, 2006
Thanks Jim! I know it. Those reindeer are such primadonnas.