dueling banjos
posted: November 9, 2006
Ready for the Friday night fisticuffs? Only 5¢ a seat!
Dip, jab, juke, a bluff! Who will win and who gets beat?
Bob Staake November 9, 2006
everyone thinks the banjo-picking retard is the best scene in 'deliverance'. me, i like when ned beatty says "this corn is special, ain't it?'
Robert Saunders November 9, 2006
Hey Brandon, them forearms rival Popeye's. A coupla testy banjers there, spoilin' fer a little one-on-one competitive pickin'! I've heard of fiddleheads...but banjoheads?
Bob Staake November 9, 2006
pay no attention to saunders until the lithium kicks in
Brandon Reese November 9, 2006
It's sad. 'Deliverance' has forever sullied the banjo. It will always be remembered as a the instrument of redneck retards... wait, maybe it's always been known as that. all kidding aside, I do love some fancy pickin'!
Bob Staake November 9, 2006
brandon: even retards need instruments. the dorks have the accordion, the guys who always got picked last for baseball have the piccolo, the curly-haired jewish boys have the violin. surely we can let the retards have the banjo.
David Goldin November 9, 2006
I play banjo and accordion. What are you saying?
Bob Staake November 9, 2006
isn't it OBVIOUS, dr. goldin? what i'm saying is "play us a little ditty!"
rag November 9, 2006
Dr. Goldin: Tooooo funny! Great find. Brandon: You're onto some real deep Ammuuricun culture.
Robert Saunders November 9, 2006
Goldin, that clip is one heckuva hayride. All that's missin' is, well...nothin'! So'd yer daddy set you down on 'is knee an' show you how ta pick it?
Robert Saunders November 9, 2006
Sorry, Brandon, I get a little sidetracked at times.
David Goldin November 9, 2006
Brandon, did you have any idea when you were working on this piece, that you'd have a bunch of illustrators squealing like pigs?
Brandon November 9, 2006
Ha ha! Squeel boy, Squeeeeel!
Mike Moran November 9, 2006
Poor Ned Beatty...
randy enos November 9, 2006
Hey Brandon....I'm a banjo player too. You got too many pegs goin' there (6?). That's fer them guitar fellas.
Brandon November 10, 2006
Hey Randy. Uh... that extra peg is purely aesthetic... it's not even connected to a string... uh yeah, that's it.
Noah Jones November 10, 2006
Brandon- your work is fantastic. I love the use of textures, nice linework in the hands. Banjoe Frazier vs. Mike Ty-strum?
Brandon November 10, 2006
Hey Noah. Thanks! I really dig your work too. I actually got an email from your friend Bob Flynn. He said our work was similar, which I can definitely see. Great to meet you man.