halloween postcard
posted: October 30, 2006
Look! I found this vintage postcard from the early 1900's. I had always assumed that printing capabilities were extremely limited back then, but whatever.
Donald Kilpatrick October 31, 2006
I love the razor in the candy apple! Nice piece!
Edel Rodriguez October 31, 2006
Hey Brandon, I like your work. Keep putting it up. If I don't comment it's that I'm busy trying to get tips from Olaf.
Jim Paillot October 31, 2006
Love those crazy teeth, Brandon!
Zina Saunders October 31, 2006
Beautiful! And funny! The perfect combo.
Mike Moran October 31, 2006
Nice idea with the postcard, Brandon!
Leo Espinosa October 31, 2006
It was hard back then. I think they only had Illustrator 3. Nice apple!
Hal Mayforth October 31, 2006
Nice juxtaposition of images, Brandon. H.
Lupe October 31, 2006
Very cool! I loved your work! =)
Linzie Hunter October 31, 2006
Very Nice. Love old postcards and your work - the perfect combo!
David Goldin November 1, 2006
Is that a Macoun? Beautiful.
Douglas! November 4, 2006
Hey Brandon, Great to see your stuff again. Looking excellent!! I haven't checked out your blog in AGES! Hows it all going?