Happy Halloween from Edward Gorey!
posted: October 30, 2006
I found these gems a couple years ago at a used book store in Hagerstown, Maryland. I'd never seen these book covers in any of Edward Gorey's collected books of illustration and thought it was a cool find.

Also, just wondering if any Drawgers ever had the opportunity of meeting Mr. Gorey?
Linzie Hunter October 30, 2006
What a find!
Bob Staake October 30, 2006
Brandon: I live on the elbow of Cape Cod in a town called Chatham, Gorey lived in Yarmouthport of the bay side. Artist friends had said "oh, you have to meet Gorey" but I never seemed to make an effort. Then I saw this really bizarre local cable access show here in which they interviewed Gorey. He said he had lunch every day at a little cafe in Yarmouthport called Jack's Outback. I wrote that down on a piece of paper and pinned it to the bulletin board -- WHY I have no idea, because pouncing on a author/illustrator while they're eating a BLT just ain't my style. Anyway, I had got his phone number and prepared to give him a call in hopes that he might let me come by to say hi. A week later, he had passed away. Lesson? Procrastination is a very bad thing! That said, I was lucky enough to meet his best friend who was instrumental in setting up the Edward Gorey House as a museum and have been to a number of functions there. The docents and people who run the place are really terrific and I was so touched to see them selling my book 'The Orb Of Chatham' in their bookshop. One of the museum officials said to me "oh, Ed would have LOVED your book". I'm NOT sure he would, but it was nice to hear. I have some magnolia leaves from a tree in Gorey's backyard and have a framed book cover that i HAVE to post here because the imagery SO greatly influenced the mood I was trying to impart in The Orb of Chatham. Anyway, Brandon -- thanks SO much for posting this great Gorey piece! It's something that I had not seen before now! bs
rag October 30, 2006
Scott Bakal October 30, 2006
I've never met Gorey but certainly love his work. The drawings feel so delicate to me but brutal in their simplicity...and content! Great story, Bob...a good lesson...
Brandon Reese October 30, 2006
Hey everyone. Thanks for the comments. Hey Rob- Thanks for posting that link. Great stuff. Bob- Thanks for the great story Bob. It's comforting to know that someone close to Edward said he would have loved your book. I look forward to seeing the framed book cover some day.
Leo Espinosa October 30, 2006
That's why I drove that morning in the rain to meet you, Bob. I kept saying, I know Staake lives around here, one of these days... wait, who am I kidding? Laura, get in the car, were off to Chatham. Thanks for the story. And thanks for the post, Brandon!
Robert Saunders October 30, 2006
Bob, Didn't Gorey live in Barnstable at some point? Maybe they are the same area. I thought he had a house there. I was talking to an artist Saturday night formerly from the Cape who seemed to concur on that. Just wondering. Great post, Brandon.
Marc Burckhardt October 30, 2006
Great stuff. "The Gashlycrumb Tinies" remains my favorite children's book of all time - the litmus test for whether a kid has a twisted sense of humor or not.
randy enos October 31, 2006
I met Gorey in the offices of the Lampoon. We both worked for them for many years. He carried a gold headed cane and would wear capes etc..
Brandon Reese October 31, 2006
Randy- Now that's the kind of story I was wanting to hear! Thanks for sharing.
Elle Dee November 1, 2006
I met Gorey once. I used to live in Brewster and he did a puppet show at the Dennis Museum of Fine Arts. He signed my copies of Amphigorey and Old Possum's Book of Practical Cats. My mom used to sort of stalk him. He used to frequent a used bookstore called Parnassus, and she got to a point where she recognized his car. Occasionally, she would stop and watch him though the stacks. He even sometimes dressed like his characters, which was great. When he died, all the bookstore owners on the Cape had secret stashes of his signed books, which they would sell to honest customers, but would keep from collectors. My mom was at Parnassus one day and witnessed a collector offer the owner sexual favors in exchange for his Gorey collection. He politely refused.
carolita November 1, 2006
I'll never forget the Broadway production of Dracula, with Raul Julia, and sets by Gorey! Life-sized illustrations by Gorey in every scene -- it was beautiful and inspiring.
Shelagh November 2, 2006
Yes, I met him many times, my mother was good friends with him and used to date the jack from "Jacks out back". The first time I met him, I was a waitress in ice cream parlor in hyannis, I was 16 and he would frequent the place, (he would always hang out at anonymous places for months at a time, then pick a new diner and start fresh, then of course he would revert back to Jack's....) it would depend on his moods. So the story goes, i would see him come in daily at the diner, the long fur overcoat, the hoop earing, the white Converses, etc. and I assumed it must have been him-I was a big fan as a child, had all his books, etc. At the diner he would read electic books, the first time I approached him, incidently he was reading "the black flag of anarchy" while eating his hot dog.... so I brought in an old ratty copy of Amphagorey (can't remember which one) and walked up to him and asked him if he were ed gorey, yes, he said very quietly and signed my book, that was that.... after that my mother befriended him thru Jack and I went out a few times with his crew, local friends from yarmouthport, along with my mother... he was very shy yet very funny and of course brilliant....... anyway i recommend anyone come to the gorey museum, it's at his old house, and the curator is a great guy...... thanks!