Happy Fall!
posted: October 11, 2006
I don't know about you, but I'm sure glad scarf weather is here.
Brandon Reese October 11, 2006
Hi Laura. Thanks much! Yes, I work digitally... all in adobe illustrator.
Brandon Reese October 11, 2006
Hey Mike, thanks! Yeah, fall is by far my most favoritist of the seasons :)
Nancy Stahl October 11, 2006
It's only the knitter in me that likes the cooler weather.
Jim Paillot October 11, 2006
Sweater, faded jeans, apple cider and crunchy leaves. Also a generous splash of Hi Karate After Shave. Ok, maybe not the after shave. Fall is the best time of the year and the only thing I miss living in the desert. Terrific art, Brandon!
David Goldin October 12, 2006
Hey Brandon, I just found my scarf. Beautiful image. I'm not ready for winter either, but that's because my Luge run isn't finished yet .