Mary and that lamb
posted: October 6, 2006
mary had a little lamb...
Just finished this magazine illustration and thought I'd share it. This is actually for the magazine that I design. Hopefully one day soon I can hang up my designer hat for good and illustrate full time.
Bob Staake October 6, 2006
Brandon: My illustration career can best be summed u in 5 simple words: "Always avoid drawing running sheep" Oh, and "I get PAID for this?" bs nice job
Brandon Reese October 6, 2006
Bob- ...and that's why you illustrated a 'lamp' instead of a 'lamb' for your story book... Egad man, You are a genius!
Bob Staake October 6, 2006
Brandon! I like you ALREADY! bs
Mike Moran October 6, 2006
Nice Brandon, You do a great job with the textures. I love using them in my illustrations. Hey real cute photo of you and your son in the creek. Mike
David Flaherty October 6, 2006
Brandon welcome to Drawger! Will you quit showing sexy pictures of sheep, I'm trying to work!
David Goldin October 6, 2006
Nice Illo but... no running sheep. That's up there with the hat on the bed.
Edel Rodriguez October 6, 2006
Welcome Brandon! Personally, I try to stay away from drawing any and all animals. That stuff is hard.
Robert Saunders October 6, 2006
That's got a nice feel to it, Brandon.
Alex Murawski October 6, 2006
Nice happy stuff Brandon. Hey... I like the lamb.... but I'd like the gravy better!
Bob Staake October 6, 2006
elephants running! peanuts running! sheep running! little girls running! brandon, buddy -- you gotta TRIP these characters once in a while or they'll get exhausted!