Santa left a pink slip in my stocking!
posted: December 27, 2010
Well, it's been a great 4 years, but I'm not going to be a part of the newer, trimmed-down version of Drawger. I got my pink slip last night. There are no hard feelings on my part... heck, I'm happy to have remained as long as I have. Drawger is chock-full of so much great talent. It was an honor to belong to a group of people that I have so admired over the years.
I have a new blog set up at illobook. You can check me out there and say hello.

I leave you with three of my most recent jobs. One for The Utne Reader, another for The Boston Globe, and lastly a gig poster for a local band. Best of luck to those who will remain at Drawger and to those who will be moving on. See you around!
The Utne Reader- Art Direction, Stephanie Glaros...

The Boston Globe- Art Direction, Jane Martin...

One Amazin' Kid, gig poster- Art direction, Christopher Kincaid...

Yuko December 27, 2010
Happy holidays Brandon. See you at IlloBook.
Kyle T Webster December 27, 2010
Another NC artist - a shame! You know I love following your work so I'll be checking it out on Illobook. I like all three of these illustrations you posted! Hope to meet you sooner than later- Heroes?
Brandon Reese December 27, 2010
Happy Holidays to you too Yuko! Thanks Kyle. Definitely, we should meet at heroes!
Brandon Reese December 28, 2010
Ah shucks, thanks Gary! Thanks much for the kind words. I'll be in touch and check in with you guys. Happy Holidays, pal!
Rob Dunlavey December 28, 2010
Hey Brandon, that Globe piece was very nice. See you over at flickr and beyond.
Brandon Reese December 28, 2010
Hey Rob. Thanks man. Yeah, I'll be keeping up with you on flickr for sure! Be well.
David Flaherty December 28, 2010
I told you to quit drawing Palin Brandon. Best of luck outside of the Joint.
Brandon Reese December 28, 2010
Ha! Yeah, that must have been it, Flaherty... my edgy, political drawings stepped on the wrong toes. thanks! see you around.
Dale Stephanos December 28, 2010
Sorry to hear it Brandon. Yeah it must have been your radicalism. See you "out there".
John Dykes December 28, 2010
Brandon, I'll miss your bright colors and concepts. BUT... Illobook is bookmarked! Hope to see you soon.
Brandon Reese December 28, 2010
thanks Dale! yep, see you on the interwebs! Thank-you John. You know where to find me!
Jim Paillot December 28, 2010
Hi Brandon. We'll continue to keep in touch. I am looking forward to seeing more and more of your terrific artwork.
Christoph Hitz December 28, 2010
Godspeed Brandon, I love your art work.
Adam McCauley December 28, 2010
Onward to happy pastures, Brandon! I've enjoyed your posts here. We were just admiring your journal covers at Sam Flax the other day. Happy New Year!
Brandon Reese December 28, 2010
Thank-you Jim! We will be in touch for sure. Thanks very much Christoph. Love your work too, my man! Happy New Year to you too Adam! Thanks for the kind words!
Greg Clarke December 28, 2010
Brandon--always enjoyed your art and posts. Will definitely check out your blog at of luck!
Tim OBrien December 28, 2010
Be well Brandon. See you in the real world some day.
Brandon Reese December 28, 2010
Hi Greg. Thanks much! Best to you too. Hi Tim. Thanks a lot. Yeah, definitely... I'm sure we'll meet in the future.
Paul Rogers December 28, 2010
Wishing the best for you, Brandon. I'll be checking you out on illobook
Allan Newman December 29, 2010
This is just weird. You're being kicked off Drawger yet the 'community' wishes you well as if it's your own choice all the while remaining silent on the banishment. It's like some kind of blogosphere final solution.
Brandon Reese December 29, 2010
Thanks Paul. I'll be keeping up with what you are up to... if only to guess those great 'name that movie' drawings! Best to you!
Marc Burckhardt December 30, 2010
I've enjoyed getting to know you through Drawger, Brandon, and will follow you on Illobook. Best to you and keep hammering away!
Mark Olson December 30, 2010
So whats illobook? like a place where Zimmerman decided to put the people he doesn't want here?
Brandon Reese December 30, 2010
Thanks Marc. Great getting to know you too. Hammer is in hand! Mark- Nope. illobook is a blogging group created and hosted by the lovely Laura Tallardy.
Hal Mayforth December 30, 2010
I wish you the best, Brandon. Always enjoyed your work.
Brandon Reese December 30, 2010
Hi Hal. Same to you my friend!
Robert hunt December 30, 2010
Good luck Brandon- I will keep up with you on Illobook and hope to meet you sometime!
Brandon Reese December 30, 2010
Thank-you Robert. I hope to meet you some day too... until then, be well!
Chris Buzelli December 30, 2010
Dang! All the best Brandon. Keep in touch and I think we talked about trading prints.
Brandon Reese December 30, 2010
Dang indeed, Chris! An email is headed your way, so we can get this print exchange in motion :)
Richard Downs December 30, 2010
Keep making it fun and Happy New Year, Brandon. Best!
Brandon Reese December 30, 2010
Will do Richard, thanks. Happy New Year!