CD Release Party part 2
posted: November 21, 2010
I drove down to Columbia, SC for the Original Friend release party this weekend. It was a great turn out and loads of fun. Lunch Money played the CD from start to finish and the kids (and adults) loved it! Afterward, the band and I signed CDs and posters.
The CD will be available for purchase on Lunch Money’s website this Tuesday. iTunes downloads will also be available… but you don’t get the fancy-schmancy packaging.

Here are the remaining CD panels and some of my favorite illustrations from the booklet. Also, a video tour of the CD!
this is the section behind the CD...

extra panel, 1...

extra panel, 2...

CD back...

booklet illustration for "My Bed"...

Booklet illustration for "Getaway Car"...

Booklet illustration for "I want to push buttons"...

Booklet illustration for "Picking Teams"...

Leo Espinosa November 22, 2010
That's one project done with love! Congrats and much success to the CD, Brandon!!
Brandon Reese November 22, 2010
Hey, thanks Leo!
Robert Saunders November 23, 2010
Your CD release looks like fun... I can relate! Love the drawings, and great use of donuts as delicious graphic devices.
Brandon Reese November 23, 2010
Thanks Robert. You have a few great album designs/illustrations under your belt too, eh :)
Jim Paillot November 23, 2010
This stuff couldn't be more charming, Brandon. This all looks so cool. Nicely done.
Jason Crosby November 30, 2010
Love it, Brandon! Like your loose (booklet) sketches the best.
Brandon Reese November 30, 2010
Thanks Jim and Jason!