Lunch Money CD release party
posted: November 16, 2010
Lunch Money, Original Friend CD cover...

This Saturday, November 20th, is the release date of Lunch Money's 3rd album, Original Friend. This is the second album I've illustrated and designed for them. I put a lot of work into it and it was great fun. I'll reveal the rest of the panels and booklet illustrations after it's officially out. We want to keep it a surprise.

To celebrate the the album's release, Lunch Money is performing the new alubum from start to finish at the Children's Room (Richland County Public Library), November 20, 2010 at 10:30 a.m. in Columbia, SC. I created a limited-edition, 2-color silkscreen poster as a free giveaway.  Bring yo kids, bring yo wife, bring yo husbands too... cuz they singin' for everybody!

2-color, silkscreen poster measures 5.5 x 17....

Kyle T Webster November 16, 2010
These are both cool but I especially love the poster, Brandon.
Brandon Reese November 16, 2010
Thanks much, Kyle!
Rob Dunlavey November 16, 2010
That poster is very cool!
Brandon Reese November 16, 2010
Thanks a lot Rob! I'm looking forward to seeing them printed. I opted to save my back and let a local screenprinter do the heavy lifting.
A.Richard Allen November 17, 2010
Very attractive poster (the silkscreen image, that is, though I'm sure you're a perfectly fine looking chap, Brandon)
Brandon Reese November 17, 2010
Thank-you Mister Allen! I've never broken a mirror by looking at it, so I must be perfectly fine :)
Chris Buzelli November 17, 2010
I want that poster!
Brandon Reese November 17, 2010
Chris- I'm going to try save a few for myself... Maybe we can do a trade? :) I'd love to have a Buzelli print hanging in my house!
Bryan Gray November 18, 2010
Both excellent pieces, Brandon. Especially cool poster. I love what you were able to do with just cyan and magenta. Maybe it's just me but there's an optical illusion going on that makes those candle flames look yellow.
Brandon Reese November 18, 2010
Hey Bryan! Thanks. Yeah, I noticed that about the candles too. Unintentional, but cool.
Richard Downs November 18, 2010
Nice work, Brandon. I love the silkscreen, what color did you put down first?
Brandon Reese November 18, 2010
Hi Richard. Thanks! I put the cyan down first... at least that's how the file is set up. I'm not pulling this one myself. I'm letting a local screenprinter do it since there's a run of 500. Plus, I built it two up and there's trimming involved.
Jim Paillot November 18, 2010
Wow! I dig this, Brandon. Love the expression and point of view - looking over the bear's shoulder. Neat poster, too!
Brandon Reese November 18, 2010
Thanks Jim!
J. D. King November 23, 2010
Love 'em, Brandon!
Brandon Reese November 23, 2010
Thanks JD!
Jason Crosby November 30, 2010
The poster is great! I want a signed copy.