A New Approach
posted: October 22, 2010
I've worked the same way for years now. I sketch. I tighten sketch. I scan sketch. I place sketch in illustrator and digitally trace node to node, add colors and textures until finish. While I love working in illustrator, I missed the nuances you get with physical pencil or pen to paper. So, I've been experimenting.
I've been using a sweet brush pen in my sketchbooks for about a year now. Learning how to us it, how to hold it, how much pressure to apply. I'm no master, but I'm getting the hang of it. In my free time I work on a little graphic novel idea. I've been inking it with my brush pen, and using black colored pencil to add shading.
So, lately I'm taking what I'm learning from my little graphic novel and combining that with my typical illustrator/texture style. It's exciting to discover new techniques. And even more exciting using those new techniques for paying jobs!
sketchbook with the Japanese Kaimei brush pen....
original sketch...

sketch was scanned and traced in illustrator. I then printed out the line art and traced it with my pen brush....

Here is Neptune inked with black colored pencil added. I placed this in illustrator and did all my coloring. Then exported it all back out to Photoshop and......

Here's the final result. ...

Kyle October 22, 2010
Brandon, I like where this new combination of techniques is going!
Brandon Reese October 22, 2010
Thanks Kyle!
Mark Fisher October 22, 2010
Nick Jackson October 23, 2010
I have one of those Japanese Kaimei brush pens. It's neat.
Jim Paillot October 24, 2010
I agree. I also love your sketchbook. Very expressive drawings!
Brandon Reese October 24, 2010
Thanks Jim!
Doug Fraser October 24, 2010
Always been a fan of Adobe Illustrator. There's direct quality about working with that software seems less iffy. In my opinion of course.
Brandon Reese October 24, 2010
I agree Doug. I love illustrator. I use it almost exclusively. When you are working digitally, do you work mostly in illustrator too?
Rob October 25, 2010
Very cool process and I really like the end piece. Love the little pill bottle in your sketchbook as well.
Brandon Reese October 25, 2010
Thanks much, Rob!
Doug Fraser October 25, 2010
Brandon, the majority of the final pieces are layered together, if not created in Illustrator. I will only send out tiffs for publishing though.
Brandon Reese October 25, 2010
Cool Doug. I used to send out ai files (still do with some clients)but I like to sharpen it up in PS and save out a tiff too.